Retail Projects

Desert Rock Development offers ground-up neighborhood retail, anchor and pad development, as well as build-to-suit solutions.  Below are a few of the company’s current projects.

20 Acres

Ground-up Neighborhood Retail

This 20 acre development in Palm Desert is in the preplanning phase for new ground-up neighborhood retail development, two anchor sites with five pads, including one drive-thru.
Retail project by Desert Rock Development

30 Acres

Coachella Anchor and Two Pads

30 Acre Development, Coachella, California, preplanning phase for one anchor and two pad retail development as well as high density residential development.
McLane Condiminium Building in Palm Springs by Desert Rock Development

5,500 square feet


Currently in the preplanning stage for a Build-to-Suit retail in Palm Desert, California..

Retail Projects by Desert Rock Development


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